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The challenge

trundl is an app for those wanting to turn their everyday walks into meaningful charity donations.

Their primary focus is to create a community of walkers and runners that support local and national causes by contributing individual ‘steps’ towards an accumulative goal.

trundl came on board in 2021 with the challenge of communicating its vision to potential consumers.

Although trundl was an amazing concept with a brilliant vision, they were struggling to educate their target audience and generate interest from businesses.

We recognised the issues to be:

  • An inconsistent brand
  • Poorly designed graphics and imagery for social media
  • A confusing website with no clear messaging or calls to action
  • No consistent marketing output
  • Very few leads were generated from their website
  • No database of contacts
  • No metrics or tracking in place

The solution

Brand development

trundl had a brand in place with some exciting brand assets but using it was difficult. Design concepts and graphic communications were necessary to deliver on social media and offline marketing.

The app was in the early stages of development so we became involved in the user journey, design and overall concept of the app. Working with the app developers supplying graphics, content and strategy helped create an app which was better received by the consumers.


We worked with trundl to develop a user journey and sitemap that would see their potential consumers engage better with the app concept. Designing and building a website that reflects the brand and excites the users about the app.

Brand messaging was a vital part of this project, developing content to educate customers with a focus to download the app and sign up.

Digital Marketing

We provide ongoing SEO to drive more traffic to the trundl website. This consists of keyword research, identifying relevant opportunities to rank for, on-page optimisation, adding fresh content, technical optimisation and creating backlinks.

In addition, we have implemented HubSpot as the database and marketing platform. We have created email templates and send out regular email marketing campaigns.


We continue working with trundl developing ideas and concepts to support their growth. From social media communications to website updates and changes. Our focus is always looking to reach more, engage with more, and convert more customers.

Analysis of their website and offline marketing allows us to develop their outputs, optimising success.

The results

trundl has seen a huge improvement in website traffic. As a result of a well-designed website, clear user journey and bold call-to-actions their app is being downloaded by more and more people.

The brand is now a strong and exciting identity that intrigues customers and supports the visions of trundl.

  • Monthly website traffic has grown to 2,000+ visitors per month
  • 750 marketing contacts added to the database
  • 9 keywords on page 1 of google

We've been working with the team at Let's Grow now for over 12 months and we've been really pleased with the service and the team's desire to help us build our brand.

Hil MinesFounder, trundl